Rewarding Thoughts will allow you to gain valuable Business Intelligence and to learn more about your customers through a customer survey designed specifically for your company. These surveys can also provide your company with the important "psychological information and insight" needed to understand what is driving your customers' purchasing decisions, and what your company needs to do to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and increased sales.

Customer surveys enable companies to identify ever changing customer expectations and needs, and to gather perceptions and opinions about how their customers feel about: your company, your employees, your customer service processes, your marketing and pricing, and much more. Customer surveys also enable companies to learn about what it takes to attract new customers and to keep current customers.

Rewarding Thoughts will enable you to gather the Business Intelligence you need, but with one huge difference! The shortfall of many existing loyalty programs is that is that it takes too long to get benefits, or you are entered into a drawing to win. Rewarding Thoughts will provide them with their "reward" when they are done. Not a chance to win, but an actual reward for them, right there and then. What can be better than a customer that cares enough to share their thoughts and a company that cares enough to reward those opinions?

Customer surveys can provide insight for making the changes you need to compete successfully going forward. Rewarding Thoughts is a low cost, easily deployed solution. So, why wait? Why risk losing customers to your competitors?

Rewarding Thoughts will provide your company with the Business Intelligence you need and a program that rewards your loyal customers in such a way that they can see the return the very next time they interact with your business.

The Rewarding Thoughts' team is here to make the implementation as easy and successful as possible. When you are ready to start we will supply a starter kit that will require no IT professionals to complete. With this information we will create a landing page designed specifically for your company, the intelligent survey, and your company specific rewards page.

We will help to create a strategy for driving your customers to your company specific landing page and survey. We will also work to help design the survey so that the answers provide the information you require.

Early sign-up Rewards
- limited to the 1st 10 new accounts

email broadcast program
- a $300 value

Blackberry PlayBook Tablet
- a $500 value

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Monthly fee - $97.50

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